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Feast or Famine

Everything is Relative


In a parallel dimension to our own, Nicholas Teska has won the energy race of the American Industrial Revolution. His chief rival, Alva Edison, died suddenly in a freak electrocution accident. Allowing Teska to use a tragic opportunity to revolutionize the availability of energy at a major turning point in human history. 

 About - Feast or Famine Sci-Fi Comic

His inventions help to bring about a massive global shift in our understanding of energy, magnetics, and physics. Teska soon attracted the attention of an up and coming physicist from Germany, Dr. Alberline Stein. Together, they create Tacheon Industries, a laboratory designed to create the world of the future.

One night, Teska is working late on a recent project, studying the radio signals from outer space, when he discovers a faint distress signal he believes has originated from a near by planet. He convinces Dr. Stein to help him build a portal to take the two scientists on a journey that no human has embarked on before! Find out what happens in the full Feast or Famine series, coming soon!





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The Creators

 Dave Swartz - Feast or Famine Sci-Fi Comic

Dave Swartz - Writer/Colorist 

Dave Swartz is an American Artist, Writer, and Comic Book Creator. He has writen and illustrated a self-published comic book series called ‘Atlas:ORIGINS’.  Dave attend the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI where he studied illustration and design. He’s had many jobs from freelance artist to, most recently, a creative director at a marketing firm. Recently he has made another shift to writing and illustrating his own original comic books. 

 Joseph Cooper - Feast or Famine Sci-Fi Comic

Joseph Cooper - Artist

An American artist originally from Detroit, MI. Joseph has worked for almost every major American comic book publisher, most notably Marvel, DC, Valiant, Dynamite, and Image. The titles he's contributed to include Magnus: Robot Fighter, Flash Gordon Holiday 2014, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin, X-O Manowar, Quantum and Woody, Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D. Corps, Baby's First Deadpool Book, Ka-Zar, and The Flash.

His bold style is a perfect pairing for the retro futuristic vision of the Feast or Famine series. You can view more of his work by visiting his website. Just click the button below to check out more of Joseph Cooper's portfolio.

 Micah Myers - Feast or Famine Letterer

Micah Myers - Letterer

One of the most prolific letters I've ever had the pleasure of working with, Micah Myers has lettered stories and books for Dark Horse, Devil’s Due, Zenescope, Scout, 215 Ink, and a bunch of other publishers. He is the letterer of Mercy Sparx for Devil’s Due and Elasticatorand Welcome to Paradise for Scout. Micah has also worked on comics with Mark Bertolini, CW Cooke, Shane Berryhill, Hoyt Silva, Eric Esquivel, Jason Copland, Michael May, Josh Blaylock, and many more.

He's always looking to work with more comic creators, so feel free to e-mail him at micahmyers84@gmail.com. You won't be disappointed!

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