Feast or Famine Collected Edition Coming to IndieGoGo July 13th

Starting in just under one month, you can PRE-ORDER a copy of the Feast or Famine Collected Edition, exclusively on IndieGoGo. We've got a bunch of perks along with the book including T-Shirts, Art Prints, Commissions, Single Issue Comics and more!

Check out this ALL-NEW trailer for the upcoming campaign…

Now you may have some questions about all of this, maybe like ...

Why IndieGoGo instead of Kickstarter this time? After the success of the last campaign, I wanted to introduce Feast of Famine to a new audience on IndieGoGo. 

Why should I contribute to this same series again? This book will have not only the entire 3 issues together in one volume, but it will be printed digitally. Unlike the newsprint issues that can have some imperfection, everything will now be just as clean and crisp as it is on the computer screen.

Am I going to have to wait as long as the last time to get my perks? Oh no, not this time. Last time we still had to create the entire book. This time everything is done, and ready to go to print! The publisher is planning to release it in store this November, so I would expect you should be getting an extra Holiday gift this year! 

I'm so excited to see all 3 issues together in one digitally printed volume! I hope all of you are too! So mark your calendars and get ready for another fun indie comic campaign!

Have a great weekend!