The Feast is ON!!! You can now back the ALL-NEW Pre-Order/Kickstarter Campaign for the Sfi-Fi series, Feast or Famine! Just click the button below to check it out!

Kickstarter Campaign - Feast or Famine Sci-Fi Comic

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We're also very excited to announce that Alterna has add Feast or Famine to their November 2018 release schedule!!! So let's get the word out and tell your local comic book store to carry Feast or Famine in November 2018!

Welcome to the Feast or Famine Website!

Welcome to the Feast or Famine Website!

Get ready for an ALL-NEW Sci-Fi comic book series, Feast or Famine! You can read a FREE 6 page preview of the indie comic book series now at theFeastisOn.com